Zniw Adventure

Zniw Adventure is a hand-drawn point and click adventure game with a strong 90's vibe and cartoon animations. Play as Zniw - a yellow female dinosaur who is on a mission to find the ultimate gift for her mother's hatchday!

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Added November 6, 2020
Published By Azure Mountain
Developed By Azure Mountain
Front Cover (Worldwide) (Linux) from mobygames.com
Front Cover (Worldwide) (Windows) from mobygames.com
Header Image (Windows) from Steam
The well-known and lovely scene from the introduction. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Zniw's little brother already has a gift for their mother, and what about Zniw? (Windows) from mobygames.com
View of Wajapulka city (sorry, English speakers - all screenshots are from the Polish version). (Windows) from mobygames.com
Zniw just made herself a backpack. A downside of this game is inventory size limit - not typical for point and click adventures. Only five items can fit in Zniw's first backpack. (Windows) from mobygames.com
A sidequest of this game is collecting pebbles (for a necklace for mom). They also unlock extras, such as this 8-bit style game, "Pebble Defence". (Windows) from mobygames.com
The in-game encyclopedia had information not only about dinosaurs and other animals, but also about places and items (including completely fictional ones such as "Croc-Away"). (Windows) from mobygames.com
Zniw tries to help the stuck dinosaur, and as a result... (Windows) from mobygames.com
...she falls into the water and ends up in a cave. (Windows) from mobygames.com
The inside of Zniw's handmade backpack. She will later receive a 9-slot backpack and there's an extra achievement for trying to buy a cute and trendy pink one. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Zniw managed to exit the cave and is now entering Fungilia, a town characterised by a variety of beautiful mushrooms. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Information on mammals is quite brief, with no division into species. That was the age of the dinosaurs, with mammals only occupying small ecological niches... (Windows) from mobygames.com
A meeting in Fungilia... (Windows) from mobygames.com
...and the town's marketplace, with the cute pink backpack Zniw will want to buy. We won't even get to know how many items would fit there... (Windows) from mobygames.com
These dinosaur-age expletives are really cute... "Sweet mother of scrambled eggs". (Windows) from mobygames.com
Colourful Fungilian mushrooms, which separately have some medicinal properties (hmmm... ;)), and together cancel each other out and are used to make hot sauce. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Peeking through someone's window. (Windows) from mobygames.com
More extras - concept art... (Windows) from mobygames.com
...and another oldschool game. Help pixel Zniw avoid getting run over by the ceratopses. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Inside Zniw's new backpack. ;) (Windows) from mobygames.com
Cover of the "Sauroforce" comic book. (Windows) from mobygames.com
The corridor of the Residential Wall building. I can see some similarity to staircases and halls of Polish (and generally, Eastern Bloc) "big panel" (prefabricate) blocks. :) (Windows) from mobygames.com
Map of the whole residential complex. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Just a cute upper floor view. My block has more apartments on one floor, this view rather reminds me of some other blocks I have seen. (Windows) from mobygames.com
These dialogues are really cute. In the English version too. :) (Windows) from mobygames.com
Zniw managed to reach the chief's apartment. (Windows) from mobygames.com
An entry on glowshrooms, an item important for the whole plot. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Long story short, Zniw now needs to cooperate with the dinosaur who earlier had stolen her money and the story turns out to be more complicated than it seemed... (Windows) from mobygames.com
Fungilia by night :) (Windows) from mobygames.com
Giving the comic book to the super-cute baby dino. (Windows) from mobygames.com
I hope it's not too much of a spoiler to show the villain... (Windows) from mobygames.com
Mushroom path - night view. (Windows) from mobygames.com
Saving the chief's family (Windows) from mobygames.com
A view from the final part of the game. I'll skip more "spoilery" scenes of Zniw saying farewell to the inhabitants of Fungilia... (Windows) from mobygames.com
...and jump straight to Zniw finally returning to Wajapulka. It was meant to be just a walk to the market... (Windows) from mobygames.com
Still, it's a bit of the pity that the game shows nothing of Zniw's family getting prostrate during her almost three-day absence... (Windows) from mobygames.com
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam
Official Screenshot (Windows) from Steam

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