The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a text adventure with graphics for the BBC Micro and Electron.

While walking along a lonely country lane, the player notices a strange object lying on the ground. Upon spinning it, the player finds themself in a strange and mystical world full of dangers and valuable treasures. The player is tasked with finding the Wheel of Fortune, and all the other treasures of the land, to enable their return to civilization.

The player must contend with beggars, aggressive policemen, caves, trolls, and a werewolf. There is a save/restore feature, and the maximum score is 9,500 points.

Added June 25, 2024
Published By Epic Software
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Starting by a Well (BBC Micro) from
Meeting a Beggar (BBC Micro) from
Found a Key (BBC Micro) from
A Strange Monument (BBC Micro) from
Vending Machine (BBC Micro) from
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Inside a House (BBC Micro) from
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Interactive Fiction Puzzle Adventure Traditional

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Text Parser


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