The Lost Crystal

The Lost Crystal is a text adventure with graphics for the BBC Micro and Electron.

The Rainbow Crystal, which has protected the people of Zaloria for many years, has been struck by a mysterious lightning bolt and shattered into seven pieces. The player has been chosen by the Elders of Zaloria to seek out the seven colored crystals and find a way to recreate the Rainbow Crystal and restore peace to the Free Lands.

The player explores the lands of Zaloria, starting at the miller's house. With the miller's help, the player must escape from the caves underneath the mill. After this, the player must deal with a deadly hydra, dangerous trolls, and interact with mermaids and vampires to find all seven crystal fragments. All commands are via VERB NOUN entry, and there is a save/restore feature.

Added June 24, 2024
Published By Epic Software
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Starting the Adventure (BBC Micro) from
Outside the Windmill (BBC Micro) from
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Interactive Fiction Puzzle Adventure

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Text Parser


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