Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries – Christmas at Donner Pass

Jane Darcy has been invited by her friend Loretta Winfield to spend Christmas with her family in their new nineteenth century mansion, located on Donner Pass Road; and what’s in store for her is enough to put anyone’s nerves on edge!

Jane’s travels start out as anything but ordinary; taking her on an unsettling adventure from the train station, to the doorstep of a haunted homestead. Could the stories surrounding the mysterious property be true, or mere fabrications dreamt up the locals?

Join Jane Darcy as she embarks on a harrowing experience that will challenge your wit, sanity, and bravery as you undertake Jane’s latest mystery: Christmas at Donner Pass!

Preceded by Miss Clue: Jane Austen Mysteries – Trials Of Salem
Series Miss Clue (6)
Added February 13, 2022

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