Holy Horrors

Holy Horrors is a 1-player adventure game with graphics for the BBC Micro and Electron.

Many years ago, Glandor the serf wandered into the village of Clingwood, starving and weary. The local people took pity and gave him food and shelter until he regained his strength. Despite their generosity, they never asked for anything in return. The years passed, and Glandor became a rich merchant, grateful to the people of Clingwood. He gave the village a precious golden goblet in return. Centuries passed, and the goblet stood in the village church. In 1873, the church was ransacked and the goblet stolen. The player has decided to risk it all to find find the golden goblet and return it to the village.

Each location is graphically displayed on the screen. The player enters all commands via VERB NOUN entry. During their adventure the player must explore a castle and the local countryside, outsmart a troll and Medusa, and ultimately return the goblet to its original resting place.

Added June 25, 2024
Published By Romik Software Ltd
Introduction (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
Starting the Game (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
Starting Area (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
Lost in the Forest (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
A Lone Tree (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
Text Mode (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
A Tree by a River (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
Entering a Garden (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
In the Graveyard (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
Exploring the Castle (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com
In the Kitchen (BBC Micro) from mobygames.com

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Interactive Fiction Puzzle Adventure Traditional

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Text Parser


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