African Safari

In African Safari, you play the role of Dr. Livingstone who must explore a national park near the Zambezi River. The game is an adventure in which you control Livingstone using a joystick and perform actions using the keyboard. You start the game with a bad back, and cannot lean over to pick things up; So you need to befriend wildlife, such as monkeys, so that they can pick things up for you.

Added February 12, 2024
Published By Interdisc
Title (Commodore 64) from
Say hello to Dr. Livingston (Commodore 64) from
You start your adventure in the national park (Commodore 64) from
In front of a peanut plant (Commodore 64) from
The fire has burnt out (Commodore 64) from
Why not take a monkey with you? (Commodore 64) from
The monkey is following you (Commodore 64) from
Oh no! a snake blocks the path (Commodore 64) from
The monkey picks up a tin can that you could not get earlier (Commodore 64) from
The bank of the Zambezi River (Commodore 64) from
That boat would be useful for escaping if we only had that paddle (Commodore 64) from

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Puzzle Adventure

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Text Parser

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