Treasure of the Aztecs

Treasure of the Aztecs is a graphical adventure for the TRS-80 CoCo. The adventure take place circa 1520, during Hernando Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs. You are amongst the soldiers searching the city of Tenochtitlan to find the great treasure of the Aztecs. During a foray into the jungle, you are rendered unconscious by an Aztec attack and separated from your party. Alone, you must survive in the jungle, avoid the Aztecs, and fine the Treasure of the Aztecs. The player must explore undergrounds caverns, Aztec pyramids, dungeons, and impenetrable jungles to find the treasure. All commands are via VERB NOUN commands, and there is a save and restore feature. There is a help feature available.

Added January 24, 2022
Title Screen (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Starting the Adventure (TRS-80 CoCo) from
I Found Flint (TRS-80 CoCo) from
By a Bridge (TRS-80 CoCo) from
A steel Rod by a Burnt Hut (TRS-80 CoCo) from
A Torture Chamber (TRS-80 CoCo) from
In the Pyramid (TRS-80 CoCo) from
A Sacrificial Slab (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Outside the Pyramid (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Underground Chamber (TRS-80 CoCo) from
I Found the Treasure (TRS-80 CoCo) from

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