Blackbeard's Island

Blackbeard's Island is a graphic adventure game for the TRS-80 CoCo. The year is 1608, and the place the West Indies. Captain Edward Teach (alias Blackbeard) has raided an English vessel, and has made a grand gain. Teach, wary of the British navy, sets sail into the southern Pacific where he buries the treasure on a forgotten isle. You are treasure hunter, and all-around beach bum, Tom Wentworth. During a drunken voyage, you've fallen off your father's yacht and washed ashore. The island is a virtual paradise, except for the fact that the island's volcano is going to erupt. You must escape the island and find Blackbeard's treasure. The player must contest with thirst, underground tunnels, as they explore an uninhabited island. All commands are via VERB NOUN commands, and there is a save and restore feature. There is a help feature available.

Added January 24, 2022
Title Screen (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Introduction (TRS-80 CoCo) from
An Inauspicious Start (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Washed up on the Shore (TRS-80 CoCo) from
A Coconut (TRS-80 CoCo) from
The Volcano Puffs Smoke (TRS-80 CoCo) from
An Uninhabited Hut (TRS-80 CoCo) from
By a Cliff (TRS-80 CoCo) from
At the Docks (TRS-80 CoCo) from
An Underground Tunnel (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Near a Waterfall (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Behind the Waterfall (TRS-80 CoCo) from
A Picture (TRS-80 CoCo) from
On the Boat (TRS-80 CoCo) from
In the Captain's Quarters (TRS-80 CoCo) from
I Find the Treasure (TRS-80 CoCo) from
Sailing Home with the Treasure (TRS-80 CoCo) from

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