Galador: The Prince and the Coward

The Prince and the Coward is a 2D point and click adventure. The game is set in a fantasy kingdom. Young Galador makes a deal with the devil to become a prince and have a life full of adventures. Very quickly, Galador realizes this kind of life is not for him and now is trying to get back his old life.

The game is controlled by mouse (clicking on an item brings up a menu with possible actions) and apart from adventure puzzles, contains some minor arcade sequences.

Added November 13, 2021
Developed By Metropolis Software
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Lord of the Sun (Windows) from
Journey to the kurgan (Windows) from
Giant skeleton on the throne (Windows) from
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Meeting with the talking dragon (Windows) from
Fjord Castle (Windows) from
City of the demons (Windows) from
Sleeping in a coffin vampire (Windows) from
Best way to defeat a vampire is punching him in the heart with an aspen pin (Windows) from
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Mini Game of the one-armed bandit (Windows) from
Passage to the Lord of the Sun (Windows) from
Puzzle solving (Windows) from
Chamber of light sins (Windows) from
Teleport to one of the three rooms after the appropriate candle blown out (Windows) from
Chamber of heavy sins (Windows) from

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Point and Click


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